World Record of Asfia Quadri

The World's Rarest & Largest Collection of Multiple Items of School Girl Shoes, Socks, Bills, Packing Boxes, Carry Bags, Plastic Transparent Folder for Socks Packing, Socks Labels,Socks Band & Plastic Padding Sticks for Black Shoes.
Total 9 items in the collection are 9368.

ASFIA QUADRI created a Unique World Record through her multifold projects, which was reviewed in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS, for 5 consecutive years (1999-2003) with the year wise enhancement of the data. In the row of such great world records, Asfia has added another feather to Hyderabad, Telangana State of India to its cap and she already entered in 7 world records books which are Golden book of world records 2019, Asia book of records 2019, India book of record 2019, again LIMCA book of records 2019, Unique book of world records 2018 , Assist book of world records 2019 and Kids Book of World Records 2019for being the only school going little girl in the world ,created a unique world record which remains unbroken for over 20 years till now with a new pair of shoes and a new pair of socks (and also 7 more items related to shoes & socks, i.e., daily purchased bills, packing boxes, plastic carry bags, plastic transparent folder for socks packing, socks labels, socks band and plastic padding sticks for black shoes) daily to school for Seven consecutive academic year from L.K.G. (1997-1998), U.K.G. (1998-1999), 1st standard (1999-2000), 2nd standard 2000-2001, 3rd standard (2001-2002) with 100% attendance to school, 4th standard (2002-2003) with 99.5% attendance and also 3 days only in 5th standard (2003-2004) for the scholastic years. She is also "A" grade student of ROSARY CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL, Gunfoundry, Hyderabad, Telangana State, India. When she joined the school on the first working day i.e., 16th June, 1997 she was 3 years 6 months old with good health.

For anyone to break the world record of ASFIA QUADRI with a new pair of shoes and socks daily to school for 7 academic years as per scholastic academic regulations, the girl/boy can wear more than 1251 pairs of shoes & socks and related 7 more items mentioned above and goes to school daily on all working days.

  1. The only youngest world record holder in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS published for 5 consecutive years (from 1999 to 2003) the record book issued a certificate as world record.
  2. Limca book of world records also publishing the updated records in 2019 edition
  3. She has been a regular student to school with 100% attendance in these 5 academic years from L.K.G. to 3rd standard, 99.5% attendance in her 6th academic year in 4th standard and also 3 working days in her 7th academic year in 5th standard. Beside this, she is also "A" grade student in her academic years as mentioned above. After this hectic schedule of schooling, she used to give even interviews to Journalists and used to spend time with the VIP's visits. No girl of her age has become such a voluminous global news covered either through press media or electronic media at her collection time.
  4. Another World Record achievement point is that she is the world's only little girl who was reviewed by the highest number of news covering Agencies, T.V. Channels, Felicitations and Magazines etc.
  5. The list of ASFIA QUADRI collection upto 7 Academic years is different sizes of Black & White shoes from Number 9,10,11,12,13,1 & 2. Collection of White Socks size Number 2,3 & 4 according to her foot size growth.
  6. Collection of her Black shoes worn sizes 9 number-339 pairs, 10 number- 109 pairs, 11 number-43 pairs, 12 number-217 pairs, 13 number-37 pairs, 1 number-61 pairs and 2 number-95 pairs. Total black school shoes worn by her is 901 pairs for 7 academic years.
  7. Collection of her Tennis White shoes worn sizes 9 number-51 pairs, 10 number-24 pairs, 11 number-86 pairs, 12 number-97 pairs, 13 number-48 pairs, 1 number-43 pairs and 2 number-1 pair only. Total Tennis white shoes worn by her is 350 pairs for 7 academic years.
  8. Collection of her White Socks worn sizes 2 number-500 pairs, 3 number-295 pairs and 4 number-456 pairs. Total White Socks worn by her is 1251 pairs for 7 academic years.
  9. Her collection contains 9 multiple items (Rarest & Largest):
    • Daily worn new pair of black shoes 901+tennis white shoes 350 = 1251 pairs.
    • Daily worn new pair of white socks 1251 pairs.
    • Collection of daily purchased bills 1251.
    • Collection of packing boxes for Black & White shoes 1251.
    • Collection of Plastic Carry Bags for Shoes & Socks 1251.
    • Collection of Plastic Transparent Folder for Socks packing 1251.
    • Collection of Socks Labels 1251.
    • Collection of Socks Bands 201.
    • Collection of Plastic Padding Sticks for Black shoes 410 pairs.
  10. Total 9 items in the collection is 9368.
    • NOTE: Collection of item No.8 (Socks Band) the Bata Company has supplied 201 Socks Band, subsequently discontinued this item. Collection of all other 7 items as mentioned above is 1251 and the remaining 1050 Socks Bands were not supplied (1251 - 201 = 1050) by the company.
    • Collection of item No.9 (Plastic Padding Sticks of Black shoes) the Bata Company has supplied 410 pairs of Plastic Padding Sticks for Black Shoes only from 901 of Black Shoes collection item No.l as mentioned above and the remaining 491 Plastic Padding Sticks were not supplied (901 - 410 = 491) by the company.

At present all the 9 items collection is 9368, but if the company would have supplied item No.8 Socks Bands 1050 more and item No.9 Plastic Padding Sticks 491 more, (item No.8 is 1050 less + item No.9 is 491 less = 1,541 less supplied), than the total collection would have been (9368 + 1541 = 10,909). All the Shoes & Socks are purchased from Bata Shoe Store, Hyderabad, India.
For anyone to break this world record of Asfia Quadri have to wear a new pair of shoes, socks daily to school for 7 academic years in LKG to UKG (5 days per week attendance is compulsory) and from 1st standard to 5th standard (6 days per week attendance is compulsory)
She with all humility and modesty attributes her fame and honor to almighty Allah for her good health.

With so many feathers in her cap, she is well mannered, patriotic and God Fearing. She is proud to be born as a proud daughter to the proud parents.
She acknowledges her total achievement with modesty to her parents, without their love and support, she could not achieved this World Record. Infact it is the mother of Asfia Quadri Mrs. Arshia Aleem, who was making her to wear the school uniform and the shoes & socks regularly without fail. She also acknowledge her father Dr. Aleem Quadri (Torch bearer of the World's largest family of Osteopaths treated more than 4 million patients from all over the world since 1935), and to journalistic Brothern, her school - Rosary Convent High School, Hyderabad. She also acknowledges her moral supporters like All the World Record Books, Press and Media and many well-wishers. It is to be noted here that the Director of National Museum of London, Former Hon'ble President of India Mr. K.R. Narayanan, the Sports Minister Mr. T. Seetha Ram, Former Police Commissioner Mr. P. Ramulu in his valuable message acknowledged that even rich and affluent people cannot pursue the fancy of purchasing shoes every day without a break. Attending the School even without a day absence, for the last five years speaks of her commitment for the fame and name of the child. Apart from Limca Book of Records, I hope she will achieve many more records. Other eminent personages have extolled and admired the appreciable hobby of Asfia Quadri. Her rare collection may soon find a place in any of the World-renowned museum.

In 2018-2019 Asfia Quadri has entered into 7 World Record Books.

  • 1.Golden Book Of World Record
  • 2.Asia Book Of Records
  • 3.Limca Book Of Records
  • 4.India Book Of Records
  • 5.Unique Book Of Records
  • 6.Assist Book Of Records
  • 7.Kids Book Of Records
  • She has attempted a new world record by receiving the most number Of items-130 from 4 Record Books- Golden Book Of Record,Asia Book Of Record,India Book Of Record and Assist World Record, in the shortest duration of time (26 minutes and 30 seconds) on 20th July 2018 at Hyderabad. The 130 items are 24 Momentos(9 from Asia Book Of Records, 9 from India Book Of Records, 3 from Golden Book Of World Records and 3 from Assist Book Of World Records), 24 Certificates(9 from Asia Book Of Records, 9 from India Book Of Records, 3 from Golden Book Of World Records and 3 from Assist World Records), 18 Medals(9 from Asia Book Of Records and 9 from India Book Of Records), 9 Achievement ID cards(India Book Of Records), 21 Badges(9 from Asia Book Of Records, 9 from India Book Of Records and 3 from Golden Book Of World Records), 21 Record Stickers(12 from Golden Book Of World Records and 9 from India Book Of Records), 3 T-shirts(Golden Book Of World Records) and 3 carry bags with record logos(Golden Book Of World Record),6 India Book Of Records books and 1 Golden Book Of Record book this event was witnessed by Regional and Store Managers Of Bata-India, Sister Linda principal of Rosary Convent High School, Press and Media. The total number of items she has received since 1999-2019 are 159. Apart from the above mentioned 130 items she has also received 6 certificates (1999-2003,2018) from Limca Book, 4 items from Unique Book Of Records, a certificate, a badge,a medal and a Achievement ID card,8 more certificates from Assist world records and 11 certificates from Kids Book Of Records. She received these certificates,medals and other items mentioned above for her another record collection of 1251 pairs each of school shoes, socks, packing boxes, carry bags, plastic folder of socks, sock labels & daily purchased bills besides 410 pairs of padding sticks for shoes & 201 sock bands.The total collection is 9368 items.